There are way too many losers on the World Wide Web with way too much time on their hands. They first stalk you silently, check you out, and then ensnare you into their net by assuming a cooler, hipper, younger identity. How do you keep these obnoxious oddballs off your comp? How do you protect your precious identity from these cons? Easy peasy! Just follow the 7 Smart Steps below if you want to firewall your life and frustrate the hell out of these folks…

If a stranger writes to you, give him the warmth of your cold shoulder!
If an unknown person asks for your name, tell him you’re Obama.
If someone is very keen to know your phone number, get imaginative.
If someone you dunno wants to see your pics, tell him to speak to your agent called MOM.
If someone wants your password, despatch him/her to the SPAM filter.
If someone you dunno wishes to meet you in private, spring a nasty surprise by inviting all your buddies for the meeting.
If someone starts messing with you, make it a point to save the conversation. Or better still forward it someone who can tackle the cyber bully!
If ever you need to talk to someone about anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried online, shoot a mail to


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